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Dear Reader,

Welcome to TheWireblog.net. Here is a little information about who I am and what this site is about:

I am a teacher living in New Jersey. Since 2005, I have taught classes on English, Film, and Comedy at a public high school. I have been obsessed with The Wire since June 2, 2002, and I have tried to spread that passion ever since. For the past two years, I have been lucky enough to have a supervisor willing to let me teach Season One of The Wire to my senior English classes.

In the process of teaching The Wire, I have come to realize just how dense and meaningful the show is. Beyond being hugely entertaining, The Wire is also a major work of art. Like all great works of art, it has a lot to teach us about both our modern world and the human experience as a whole. If you watch the show with a careful and patient eye and ear, it reveals nearly limitless meaning.

This Blog is an attempt to explore the meaning of The Wire one scene at a time. While most television writing focuses on entire episodes, my goal is to zoom in closer, to examine how each detail, each strand of the show contributes to the immense tapestry of The Wire. This is analysis, but also synthesis, as I also aim to explore ways that The Wire extends to the rest of our modern world. Hopefully, I can also convey the immense enjoyment I continue to get from the show, even after 10 years and countless viewings.

I hope that this Blog will serve several functions. First, I see it as a viewing guide, a resource for both new viewers (what took you so long?) and veterans working through the series again (which I highly recommend). The posts are all spoiler free, so you can use them to supplement your viewing. I also see the site as a way to relive the show, enabling fans to read about any episode, scene, character, or theme that they choose. Finally, I hope that this site will generate further discussion and enthusiasm for the show, and a deeper appreciation for all it has to offer. I invite all of you to share your responses to my posts and engage in the discussion.

For a closer look into the rules and structure of this Blog, read The Rules to This Game

For more on the basic philosophy behind this Blog, read my Open Letter to David Simon

I would love to hear from you, whether it be your insights and interpretations in the comments section of the individual posts, or more general feedback about the show or my site. You can follow me on Twitter at @thewireblog or you can reach me by E-Mail at thewirepiecebypiece@gmail.com.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this blog. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy the process of writing it “day by day, piece by piece” (to quote Daniels).


Peter Honig

4 thoughts on “About The Wire Blog

  1. I am so glad I found this blog, I’m not even done reading your Open Letter to David Simon and I just want to say that this line is eerily my life “… talking about it, nagging people about how they need to watch it, shepherding family and friends through their first viewings…” I love The Wire with a passion, and it’s nice to know there are others out there like me. Also my birthday is June 3rd which is just crazy that it coincides with the birth of the greatest and only blog I have ever read. Thank you Peter and I look forward to reading this in its entirety. Thanks again.

  2. Just wanted to say – keep up the good work.
    Your blog is a wonderful complement to the world of The Wire.
    I enjoy reading it, and as you already mentioned, it’s great to be able to take it slowly and absorb all the complexity of the series.

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