The Epigraph of Epigraphs

How do you log that ‘Non-Pertinent’?–Freamon

Season 1, Episode 6, “The Wire,” might be the most essential episode in The Wire. It’s not necessarily the best episode, or the most exciting. In fact, it is relatively slow, with the action primarily revolving around the nuanced politics of the crew and the detail. But it contains several things that are emblematic of the series’ most fundamental qualities. For one, the episode provides our first disturbing look into the home lives of the project children, and the practical and ethical challenges that they face every day. It also presents, in the form of the Rawls/Daniels conflict, a perfect example of the bureaucratic roadblocks to quality police work. The episode also features a circular structure, ending where it began just as the entire series does.

The Rules to This Game

by Peter Honig

I mean, there are some rules here, right?Omar

When I think about my long term goals for this blog, I keep coming back to Freamon’s immortal line: “We’re building something here, Detective, we’re building it from scratch. All the pieces matter.” Beyond the literal reference to the Barksdale case, this line also speaks for David Simon and Ed Burns and the fictional version of Baltimore that they build. At the same time, Freamon also seems to be addressing the viewer, subtly hinting that there is a lot more to the show than what is immediately obvious. The key is to give each detail its rightful value. It’s all pertinent.