1.3: Kima’s One True Love

“I know I look like I could go either way.”—Kima

One of the most interesting topics that David Simon talked about in his recent interview with The Wire superfan and sports writer Jason Whitlock is the way the show handled sexuality. Whitlock admitted that the character of Omar went a long way towards changing his view of homosexuality, and asked why Simon decided to make the badass stickup artist gay. Simon gave a pragmatic response–there was no way for a man to be openly gay in either of the show’s ultra-masculine hierarchies, so the only man who could be gay (openly, that is) had to be one of the few characters who functions outside of these systems (it is worth noting that there are at least two more systems where it is incredibly difficult to be openly gay–sports and politics, both worlds which, like the police department and the corner, revolve around the perception of power).