1.4: The Accidental Snitch

Poot: How did he know where the stash at? The knockos don’t know, but he do? Because some nigger’s snitching.
D’Angelo: Man, ain’t nobody got to be snitching for Omar or one of his boys to creep by and see where the stash at.

The pit boys are still licking their wounds over the stickup from a couple of nights earlier, and they are not the only ones who are want answers. A few scenes earlier, Avon and Stringer discuss the very same thing, and they conclude that D’Angelo might “have a problem he doesn’t know about.” In this scene, Poot states it even more clearly. “Some nigger’s snitching.” The idea of the snitch seems to be the go-to answer in the projects, a suspicion that arises whenever something goes inexplicably wrong.