Coming to The Wire Blog: Season 4 and all the dinks

dinksI’ve been schooled, dog. I’m trying to tell you, for real. –Snoop

I think it is about time I get back up on The Wire.

Since December, this site has been as quiet as the wire after the Season 1 stash-house raid. In fact, I haven’t written a word since September. All of this site’s content came from two months of focused writing from last summer. I had the time required to write over 100 pieces on Season 1 (including many that I have yet to post).

Then a new school year began.

Beyond planning and teaching lessons during the school day, I also have a huge grading workload from my 12th-grade English class. And that is only my second priority in life…I am also raising two children under the age of two.

I haven’t watched a full episode of The Wire in months.

But now, finally, there is a convergence, some talk on the wire. Next week I will begin teaching a 7-week unit on The Wire. So what better time to resume posting? I will be watching and discussing each episode 5 times over the course of the coming weeks (once to prepare my lessons and once for each of my four sections). It would be a shame to spend all of that time with the show without recording some of my experiences.

My school operates on “A/B Block” scheduling, which means that I meet with each class every other day for roughly 90 minutes (the perfect amount of time to show and discuss one episode). I meet with two of my English classes a day, so I hope to post once per day from Monday through Friday.
These posts won’t have the same format as my Season 1 pieces. They probably won’t be as long or detailed (which, by the way, I will continue to post as well). They will likely be a little more free-form, a collection of shorter observations and insights. To be honest, at this point, I’m not sure what it will be like, but I am excited to teach and learn on both sides of The Wire.

I hope you join me as I once again walk through the garden.


3 thoughts on “Coming to The Wire Blog: Season 4 and all the dinks

  1. Looking forward to some insight into the education themed season from an educator. This was my favorite season, began the progression, so to speak, of the increased ruthlessness of the drug game, as well as what factors and influences that turns these helpless kids into products of their environments. Sure wish I was in your class the next 5 weeks.

  2. Thanks Peter, been waiting forever for thewireblog to start back it up. Just finished episode 2 of season 4 today, I love it better and better each re watch. Keep up the good work!

  3. Where do you work that allows you to teach The Wire? Is it a private school? Do the parents have to sign off? I would love to use a few clips in my Contemporary Issues course, but can’t imagine my admin letting it happen.

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