Bigg Boss Kannada Vote, Contestants And Eliminations

Bigg Boss is one of the popular shows which is adapted to the southern states recently and Bigg Boss Kannada was the first one. Well, Currently Bigg Boss Kannada season 7 is going on and as usual audience voting decides the eliminations. We came across several fake voting channels through which the audience is voting and so thought of writing this guide in an official way i.e only official ways of Kannada voting which are considered are listed below.

This Voting Guide Based on the Previous Game Plays. Most of the Time it was the Same for all seasons and now for season 7 as well.

Bigg Boss Kannada vote: This is an online voting process. Housemates are nominated by other contestants and the one with more number of votes are pushed to elimination. The audience can vote for housemates who are in elimination through the official voting methods listed below. Usually, voting is done from Monday to Friday and votes after Friday will not be counted officially.

Bigg Boss Kannada vote

There are 4 Official Methods to vote your Favourite contestant. They are,

  • Voting Through Voot website or application
  • Vote Through SMS
  • Missed Call.
  • Google Online Voting.

Most of the times all the voting options won’t be available. They come handy once the show the started. It’s preferred to vote through voot as it is easy.

Bigg Boss Kannada vote on or App

Voot is the official streaming partner of Bigg Boss Kannada where one can watch all episodes of the season for free. Voot if self provides a voting option on its website itself to avoid fake voting and other polls. Here is the complete procedure on how to vote your favourite contestant on voot website and application in no time.

  • Create an Account in or Voot application as it is required to vote Or Click here
  • search and find Bigg Boss Kannada
  • You can check the list of nominated candidates for the current ongoing week. Below is a glimpse of it.
bigg boss kannada vote
  • Click on your favourite contestant and vote them.
  • You are allowed to vote once a day from an account.

Bigg Boss Kannada vote online on Google

Generally, Google Voting Process is a bit easy. Surprisingly Kannada Didn’t use it a single time. If there is, Here is the complete Process.

This is the most simple and most used voting method of all. Here is how to vote using Google.

  • Go to sure you opened
  • Search For “Bigg Boss Kannada Vote”
  • The Nominated candidates will be displayed in the search results directly.
  • You have a chance up to 50 votes from one Gmail account. You can vote 50 votes to a single housemate or you can share those votes with all contestants as well i.e 10 votes each for 5 contestants.
  • Make sure you click on submit.

Simply share it on your social profiles with a click to spread the word.

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Bigg Boss Kannada SMS voting

Generally, voting will be conducted through SMS during its initial weeks and it works later as well. Its a bit confusing and time taking process.

  1. Have a look at the nominated candidates from the house this week.
  2. Pick up your favourite housemate from the nomination list
  3. Copy his/her personal SMS code.
  4. Type the code an send SMS to 56882

Below is the list of codes for housemates. Each housemate has a unique SMS code. One vote/day from one mobile is accepted.

Will be updated soon

How to vote through Missed call

People without a good internet connection can use this. Each housemate is associated with a registered unique number here.

  1. As usual, check out the nomination list for the week.
  2. Pick up your favourite housemate from the list
  3. Check his number from the below table and give a missed call to the number

Bigg Boss Kannada nomination process: It depends upon many things but in house, voting is the most important one to push contestants to the nomination. This will be done weekly. Some well-known factors are

  • We know that being arrogant and such things never go well with fellow housemates which obviously develops hate. Bigg boss asks each and every contestant about their opinions on fellow housemates. The one who gets a number of votes will be nominated for that particular week.
  • Breaking the rules can force housemates for the nomination for the entire season
  • If it’s a double dhamaka week, then the last 2 housemates (who get the least votes)will be eliminated.

Things to be considered: Few things to be considered while or after voting.

  • These are only official voting methods which are taken into count
  • Voting for the week will be closed on Friday 12 AM
  • Votes received before the time will be considered
  • Votes through several online polls and websites are not considered.
  • There are many polls on websites that are just to guess the public opinion. They didn’t make any effect on eliminations

How Bigg Boss Kannada Votes are Counted?

Bigg Boss Management will link up with software companies where they analyze the complete voting data. The votes which are cast before the given time thorough the official process are counted. The Number of votes and results will be passed to the management and then host who announces them on Weekends.

The unofficial votings across websites and Facebook groups are not considered. Unofficial votings are organised by that particular website just to know the audience voting pulse.

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Bigg Boss Kannada Contestants,winners in previous seasons

This is for those who are willing to have a recap of the previous seasons in no time. Here we will be writing of all the important details that had happened in the previous seasons so far.

Bigg Boss kannada season 6

BBK 6 is also hosted by kiccha Sudeep who has been hosting it from the previous seasons as well. Here is the list of contestants for season 6.

Sonu PatilonActress
Andrew JayapulCommoner(Business)
MJ RakeshRadio Jockey
Akshatha M PandavapuraActress
Rakshitha RaiActress/Cricketer
Rapid RasmiRadio Jockey
Adam H PashaDancer
Kavitha GowdaActress
AV RaviActor
Shashi KumarActor and Politician
Naveen SajjuMusic/Singer
Sneha AcharyaActress
Nayana PuttaswamyContracter
Dhanraj CMDubbing Artist

Shashi Kumar won season 6 and was awarded with 50 lakhs of prize money.

Bigg Boss kannada Season 5 info

Sudeep hosted the season 5 as well in which 15 housemates are sent into the bigg house. Here are the list of season 5 contestants

Bigg Boss Kannada 5 winner: Chandan Shetty was the winner of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 3 Info

Sudeep had signed a deal in season 3 with the makers that he will host the #BBK up to season 8. So Don’t expect a change in the upcoming seasons too.

  • Hosted by – Sudeep Kiccha
  • Aired on – Colors Kannada and Colors Kannada HD
  • Show Started  – 25th October 2015
  • Location – Innovative Film City, Bangalore
  • Number of days – 98
  • Grand Finale – 31st January 2016
  • Number of contestants – 15
  • Wild card entries – 3

The following is taken from Wikipedia. You can check out the original wiki article here. Here are the contestants for season 3

  1. Bavana Belagere
  2. Chandan Kumar
  3. Huccha Venkat
  4. Jayshree Ramaiah
  5. Kruthika Ravindra
  6. Madhuri Itagi
  7. Anand
  8. Nevada Aiyappa
  9. Neha Gowda
  10. Pooja Gandhi
  11. Pradeep Kitty
  12. Ravi Mooruru
  13. Rehman Hassan
  14. Nethra
  15. Shruti

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 3 winner: Shruthi was the winner of BBK3 and she was the captain of first two weeks of this season. She was glad to share the winning moments along with the other final day contestants Chandan, Anand, Rehman, and pooja. Shruthi got the cash prize of 50 lakhs.

Bigg Boss kannada Season 2

After the success of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1, the team has set to begin the Bigg Boss Kannada Season 2. It was broadcasted by Asianet TV and hosted by the Kannada’s star Sudeep Sanjeev.

  • Hosted By: Sudeep
  • Aired On: Colors Kannada, Asianet and Suvarna TV
  • Show Opened: 29th June 2014
  • Number of wild card entries:2
  • Number of Episodes: 100
  • Bigg House: Lonavala, Pune(The house used for Hindi too).
  • Telecast Time: 8 pm to 9 pm
  • Number of guests: 1(as per wiki)
  • No. of contestants: 14
  • Grand finale date: 5th October 2014

Season 2 Housemates: Here are the contestants of season 2.

  • Rohith Patel
  • Aadhi Lokesh
  • Swetha Changappa
  • Akul Balaji
  • Deepika Kamiah
  • Mayur Patel
  • Santhosh Aryan
  • Shakeela
  • Anita Bhat
  • Laya Kokila
  • Neethu Shetty
  • Srujan Lokesh
  • Anupama Bhat
  • Harshika Poonacha

Season 2 Winner: Akul was the winner of season 2 with more number of votes in the grand finale.

Bigg Boss Kannada season 1

Here are the complete details of the very first season. All we all know Kannada is the second Indian language to opt for Bigg Boss after Hindi which was a huge success.

  • Show Host: Kannada Star Sudeep
  • Telecasted in: ETV Kannada
  • Number of days: 99 days
  • Number of cameras in the house: 47
  • Started on: 24 March 2013
  • Ended on (Gand Finale Date):30 June 2013
  • Number of contestants: 15
  • Number of Guests: 2
  • Number of wild card entries: 2
  • Prize Money: 50 Lakhs
  • Bigg House: Located in Lonavala (Near Pune)

Bigg Boss Kannada Season 1 contestants: Here are the first contestants of Bigg Boss Kannada first season which became an instant hit and results in proceeding for further seasons.

  1. Narendra Babu Sharma
  2. Aparna
  3. Anushree
  4. Rishi Kumar
  5. Jayalakshmi
  6. Chandrika
  7. Vinayak Joshi
  8. Thilak Shekar
  9. Shweta Pandit
  10. Sanjjanaa
  11. Arun Sagar
  12. Vijay Raghavendra
  13. Nikita Thukral

Bigg Boss season 1 winner: Vijay Raghavendra was the winner of season one as he got a maximum number of votes and Arun follows him as runner up.

Frequently asked questions

Is Bigg Boss Kannada Voting is Real and Legit?

There are several rumours saying Bigg boss voting is completely fake where audience voting never matters. All the voting is monitored by third-party companies and votes submitted in time really matters.

How to register for Bigg Boss kannada?

Follow the colours official social handles and wait for the announcement. You can register yourself on after auditions are opened.

When will Bigg Boss Kannada will start?

Bigg Boss Kannada 8 might get started from mid-October. Teaser with the host will be released in mid-Sept as official confirmation.

Who will host bigg boss kannada season 8?

There is no official confirmation yet. But Sudeep might continue to host the season 8 as well.

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