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Bigg Boss Kannada is a reality show which doesn’t need introductions. Kannada is one of the first version of this reality show which allowed a common man into the house after Hindi.

The first Contestant of BBK5 is  Maharshi Jayasreenivasan Guruji who is a popular numerologist, Astrologer, Vastu Expert, Palmist and much more. If you are the one who had some trust over the mythological things then you might be known this name and yes he was the first contestant to enter the Bigg House. Let us tell you a glimpse about his Biography.

jayasreeramanguruji bio

Who is Maharshi Jayasreenivasan Guruji?

He is a renowned

  • Numerologist
  • Astrologer
  • Vastu Expert
  •  Palmist and is expert in
  • Saptha Rishi Nadi
  • Astrology
  • Numero Numerology
  • Vastu Palmistry
  • Kundalini Yoga

And is the strict follower of lord Sharabeshwara. He is one of the Genuine Person who can perfectly Mix the Indian traditions with modern science and culture. From the Past 5 years, he was spreading his valuable ancient knowledge under the name of his own institute Real Gem.

Maharshi Jayasreenivasan Guruji Childhood

Date of Birth: —

He was born in an ordinary family to the couple Ramaswamy and Shakuntala in Attibele Near Banglore. He is a talkative person during his childhood and his skills was recognized by one of his school headmaster “Sri Govindappa”.Govindappa was a disabled person who lost his legs in a terrible accident but he stood as inspiration for many students including JayaSreenivasan.

Jaya was greatly influenced by his headmaster and he believes in “If someone had the skill and then the world follows him to learn”.

List of People who influenced Jaya Sreenivasan:

  1. Sri Govindappa,
  2. Ramakrishna Ashram
  3. Kota Maariyamma
  4. Vakrakali
  5. Bhagawan Mahavatar Babaji
  6. Yogiraj Vedatri Maharshi
  7. Sri Lahari Mahashaya
  8. Sri Yukteshwar Giri
  9. Sri Paramahamsa Yogananda Swamiji

JayaSreenivasan Family | Married Life

He was married to Deeksha in 1994 under the Guidance of  Yogiraj Vedatri Maharshi. From then he completely changed his path to sharing knowledge from Idol Worship and this made him be successful.

It is said that he had achieved some spiritual powers during 1995-97 especially in Numerology and Astrology and he started sharing his knowledge with the people and this particular phase was considered as his new birth. Soon, Sreenivasan changed his name as Jaya Sreenivasan.

Awards for Jaya Sreenivasan

Here are the list of awards which was won by jayasreenivasan guruji for his works and services till date.

  • 2005: Maha Nandi, Seva Dhureena Award.
  • 2006: Karnataka Vikas Ratna Award.
  • 2010: Maharshi Award by Gurukul Seva Samsthe,

He had predicted some of the future changes in Kannada politics as well and some such acts like builds trust on Him.

Jaya Sreenivasan On Small Screen

Apart from Bigg Boss, He had made his debut on the small screen a long ago.Udaya, Suvarna, Kasturi, TV9, Samaya, Zee Kannada, and Sri Sankara channels aired his programmes for a long time as well.He hosts a show “‘Kalanirnaya” Which was aired on “Kasturi TV”.

Maharshi Jayasreenivasan Guruji in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5

well, It’s really great to accept the Bigg Boss invitation as his behaviour and lifestyle might create a huge impact on the audience. Somehow, He had a Good fan base equals to celebs and audience are a bit excited about the personal life of Guruji and from now, He had to live in front of the audience. All the best to Maharshi From BBK Team

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Hope you are now clear and excited about this contestant. Please share the info which encourages the people to vote him during eliminations.

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