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Bigg Boss Tamil Vote or Bigg Boss Tamil vote online is all about voting your favourite contestant in ongoing Season 4.Similar to previous seasons, Voting is done by the public is used to push contestants to next week. It’s well know all are allowed to vote online and 50 votes can be cast with one Gmail ID. The more votes for a contestant makes him/her promoted to the next week of the season. The Housemate will less number of votes can be eliminated.

Here I will be explaining each and everything regarding Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 contestants, voting and eliminations with utmost accuracy.

Bigg Boss Tamil 4 voting process: All housemates were asked to nominate any 2 of the candidates with a reason. Candidates nominated by most are pushed to the nomination. Later nominated housemates are announced by Bigg Boss on the 2nd day of the week i.e mostly on Mondays and Tuesdays and public start voting their favourite through online or missed call.

Sometimes contestants are directly nominated by Bigg Boss for violating rules and for having some perks such as phone call to home.

There are rumours that common man might participate in the Bigg Boss season. If it is true he/she needs to be passed in Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions

Bigg Boss Tamil vote

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote, Online voting and missed call voting

In simple it is most similar to the previous seasons. There are 4 official methods of voting. However, 2 of them are removed in previous seasons. Voting through online is recommended to minimize errors.

Bigg Boss Tamil Vote through Hotstar

Hotstar is the official streaming partner of Star Vijay’s Bigg Boss. To reduce spam over the internet they had introduced online voting in the app itself from the previous season. The app used to stream previous episodes are good enough to vote from now.

  • Download Hotstar application from Google play store.
  • Login in your account or create an account which the options provided. Use social accounts for quick login.
  • Search for “Bigg Boss Tamil” Through provided search bar.
  • All nominated housemates of the week will be displayed with their images.
  • Choose your favourite contestant and vote for them.
  • One can get 50 votes per day, Those can be used to vote a single person or can be shared between contestants such as 20 votes for one and 30 votes for another housemate.
  • In the end, submit your votes. Do remember votes submitted before the time are considered.

Bigg Boss Tamil online voting (Google voting)

This is similar to that of Hotstar and was removed in the previous season. Anyway, it’s better to know it.

  • Open (Indian version of Google)
  • Search for “Bigg Boss Tamil vote”
  • A list of nominated contestants with images will be displayed before search results.
  • Do vote your favourite contestant.
  • 50 votes are allowed for a Gmail account. You can vote 50 to a contestant or can distribute votes among them.
  • Later click on submit and it will be redirected to a thank you page.

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Bigg Boss Tamil missed call voting

After a few episodes, all housemates are assigned with a mobile number.

  • Choose your favourite contestant.
  • Dial to the number which was assigned to the contestant.
  • One missed call can be counted as a single vote.

Here are the numbers assigned to the contestants.

HousemateMissed Call Number
Fathima Babu8367796803
Sakshi Agarwal8367796810
Abhirami Venkatachalam8367796801
Vanitha Vijaykumar8367796815
Sherin Shringar8367796813
Mohan Vaithya8367796807
Mugen Rao8367796808
Meera Mithun8367796816

SMS Voting

This voting method is removed after the very first season and so this is strictly for knowledge purpose. This method is no longer an official method and is not working right now.

  • A shortcode is assigned to each of the housemates.
  • A number similar to 5**** will be announced.
  • The audience needs to SMS the shortcode to the provided number.
  • One SMS can be counted as a vote.

Saying again, This method no longer works now.

Bigg Boss Tamil contestants and eliminations

Bigg Boss contestants were usually announced during the welcome episode. They are kept under wraps until the first episode to maintain suspense. However, below are the contestants of every season including season 4.

As said, Housemates are allowed to nominate fellow mates and the one with the most number of votes will be sent to the public nomination. The audience will vote in the public nomination and the one with less number of votes will be eliminated for that week.

Sometimes Bigg Boss sends the eliminated housemates to the secret room i.e they are not eliminated yet and was given a lifeline. They will be introduced into the season all of sudden which will create a big stir in the house.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 contestants and eliminations

Here are the complete details regarding season 4. It is likely Kamal Hassan will continue to host the 4th season as well. As usual, there will be 15 contestants for the season. 2-3 wildcard entry can be possible. Moreover, there might be common man entry for the season.

Where is Bigg Boss Tamil house: Bigg House is a house set which is usually erected in the film city. Previously, season 3 house was located at The house for Bigg Boss 3 Tamil is located at EVP World in Chembarambakkam, Chennai. There are more chances of using the same house for season 4 with modifications.

Who is the host of Tamil season 4: kamal Hassan may host the season 4 too who had hosted all the Tamil seasons till date. This is a mere spetaculation. Official confirmation will be announced in May last week.

Season 4 hostKamal Hassan
Bigg HouseEVP World
Number of Housemates15 or 16
Wild card entries2 to 3
Number of daysAround Hundred days
streaming partnerHotstar
TV ChannelStar Vijay Channel

There are lot of speculations regarding the contestants that most of the celebrities might be eager to join the Bigg House during the pandemic time.

Here is the probable list of contestants for Bigg Boss Tamil season 4.

  • VJ Manimegalai
  • Actor Ramya Pandian
  • Music artist Shivangi
  • Pugazh
  • TikTok sensation Elakkiya

All the elimination details will be updated here week by week. We suggest you bookmark the page for regular updates.

This section will get updated once the season 4 starts

Bigg Boss Tamil season 3 Contestants and eliminations

Here is the list of season 3 contestants who entered the Bigg house for season 3 which was hosted by Kamal Hassan

  1. Abhirami Venkatachalam
  2. Director Cheran
  3. Paruthiveeran Saravanan
  4. Chandini Tamilarasan
  5. Fathima Babu
  6. Sakshi Agarwal
  7. Vanitha Vijayakumar
  8. Jaangiri Madhumitha
  9. Power Star Srinivasan
  10. Tharshan
  11. Kavin
  12. Sandy Master
  13. Mohan Vaidhya
  14. Mugen Rao
  15. Sherin

Elimination details: Here is the short summary of season 3 nominations and eliminations. In short its a recap of season 3.

Week 1: As this is the first week there are mo nominations and eliminations. Vanitha is selected as house caption for the week.

Week 2:Cheran, Fathima, Kavin, Madhumitha, Meera, Sakshi, Saravanan are nominated for the week 2. Fathima gets less number of votes and was eliminated. Mohan was selected as the captain for the 2nd week.

Week 3:Meera and madhumita are nominated for the house captain but Abhirami was selected as 3rd-week captain.

Madhumita, Meera, Mohan, Saravanan and vanitha nominated. Vanitha was eliminated due to less number of votes.

Week 4: Sakshi was selected as 4th-week captain after a tough fight between Abhirami and Madhumita. Mohan was eliminated from the house.

Week 5: Meera is eliminated with less number of votes and Reshma was elected as the current week captain.

Week 6: The 5th-week captain Reshma was eliminated in this week whereas Tharsan is the captain of the week.

Week 7: Tharshan and Sarvanan nominated for the captain role and Mugen became the house captain for the first time. Sarvanan is ejected whereas Sakshi is eliminated with no votes from the audience.

Week 8: Sandy became the captain of the house with the most number of nominations and Abhirami was eliminated from the Bigg house due to less number of votes than the rest of the housemates.

Week 9: Surprisingly we had 2 captains for the 9th week. Madhumitha and Sherin are captains for the week. Kasturi was eliminated.

Week 10: There are no eliminations in the week and Cheran became the captain for the first week in 10th week.

Week 11: Vanitha who entered the house became as captain for the second time. Cheran, captain of the previous week was eliminated this time. But Cheran was sent again to the secret room.

Week 12:Losliya – Head for the 12th week. Vanitha is now eliminated and Cheran entered the home from a secret room.

Week 13: No captain for the week. The season slowly heading towards the finale. Cheran from the secret room was eliminated for the final time now.

Week 14: There are no nominations for the captain and Mugen is directly elected as captain for the second time and might be the last captain for season 3.Tharshan was eliminated in the final week and rest of the housemates entered grand finale.

Week 15: The final week is here. Mugen won season 3 and was awarded a cash prize of 50 Lakh.

Check the complete info from this Wiki Page.

Bigg Boss Tamil season 2 contestants and eliminations

Post the success of season 1, Makers geared up for the next season with more energy.Kamal Hassan continued to be the host for the season 2 as well.

Here is the list of contestants who are willing to enter Bigg House for the season 2. Season 1 sensation Oviya makes a guest entry and explains rules to the new contestants.

  1. Nithya
  2. Janani Iyer
  3. Yashika Anand
  4. Mumtaj
  5. Ramya NSK
  6. Ponnambalam
  7. Sentrayan
  8. Mamathi Chari
  9. Daniel
  10. Shariq Khan
  11. Ishwarya Datta
  12. Anadh vaithiyanadhan
  13. Mahat Raghavendra
  14. Thadi Balaji
  15. Riythvika
  16. Vaishnavi

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Contestants and eliminations

It was the very first season of Bigg Boss Tamil which was a huge hit and was hosted by Kamal Hassan for the first time ever.It was aired by star vijay channel and house was erected in EVP film city,Chennai.

Here is the list of season 1contestants,

  1. Oviya
  2. Snehan
  3. Aarav
  4. Ganesh Venkatraman
  5. Vaiyapuri
  6. Bharani
  7. Raiza Wilson
  8. Shakthi
  9. Gayathri Raghuram
  10. Harathi Ganesh
  11. Maria Julie
  12. Namitha
  13. Ganja Karuppu
  14. Anuya
  15. Sri

There are 5 wild card entries to the house in season 1 to raise expectations upto some extent.

Bigg Boss season 1 winner: Aarav was the winner of first season whereas Snehan was runner up.

How Bigg Boss Tamil votes are counted?

Voting is opened for the public only after nomination, usually on the 1-2 days of the week. All official voting lines such as Bigg Boss Tamil vote through Hotstar , Google and all are opened till Friday 12:00AM. Votes after the quoted time are ignored.

All these works , such as collection of votes from public and counting them as per contestant are given to software company as a project. They do all the technical work and share the results with makers by Saturday. Host is the one who will announce there results on week days on his arrival. Announcement of eliminations are in the hands of makers itself but voting is not controlled by them. So it can be geniune. Do remember, Voting through official methods is considerd.

Bigg Boss Tamil vote results, count

The number of votes by public for their favorite contestants will be revealed ocassionally by the host. Here we will writing all details regarding the number of votes here for week.

Votes for week 1 :

Will be updated after the week 1

Bigg Boss Tamil Tasks

What are Bigg Boss Tamil tasks: Tasks are like games which are conducted in the Bigg House among the contestants. They are conducted for some entertainment for the housemates but however, it helps the winners in a very big way.

Bigg Boss is the only one who conducts all the things. The terms and teams of the tasks are decided by the Bigg Boss and then announced by the captain of the house for that week. Tasks are played as per the terms and conditions. Later the winner might have perks like no nomination for that week or to the direct contestant for that week and all.

Those who ignore the terms might be directly nominated to the elimination of that week.

Once the season get started , Tasks will be updated here with all details.

Hope I had covered each and everything regarding the Bigg Boss Tamil Reality show. Bookmark the page to get more details within no time. Comment down your queries and predictions on season 4.

Frequently asked questions

When will Bigg Boss 4 Tamil eviction Happen ?

It happens every Sunday. Eliminated housemate will be announced by the host on every Sunday

Where is Bigg Boss Tamil house ?

Usually, Bigg House is constructed in the film city. The house of latest season is located at EVP film city.

When does Voting for Bigg Boss Tamil 4 Begin?

Voting will be opened for public on every Monday at 10pm. You can vote your contestant from every Monday after nomination.

Is Phone allowed in Bigg Boss?

As you all know, Phones are not allowed to Bigg House. Only Bigg Boss has the rights to offer a phone for calls. This rarely happens.

When Will Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4 begins?

Bigg Boss Tamil season 4 will mostly start from June last month. An official announcement with a teaser might be released in last month of May. This information is by examining the previous seasons.

Who will host Bigg Boss Tamil Season 4?

Most probably, Kamal Hasan might host the show for the fourth time as well. We need to wait until things get official.

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