Revealed: Person behind Bigg Boss Tamil voice

Bigg Boss Tamil gained huge popularity after season 1 and it is being continued every year. However, the process of voting and eliminating contestants is still the same. We all know that all the things in the house such as tasks etc are managed under the name of Bigg Boss who is invisible. However, his voice is caught attention all over for its base.

There is no official confirmation regarding it from the makers. However several rumours are circulating over social media and we placed all of them here with proper sources. As of now, no one is that clear about the Bigg Boss Tamil voice. All the following are the assumptions.

Bigg Boss Tamil voice

Who is the person behind Bigg Boss Tamil voice?

According to sources, RJ Naveen Haldoroi is the person behind Bigg Boss Tamil voice.

Earlier, It was rumoured the person providing the voice is Gopi Nair’s, usually known as the voice of Vijay TV. The rumour was widespread then and many are clear about it.

However, According to Gopi Nair, received many texts and calls from his close circle asking if he is the real voice behind Bigg Boss Tamil. As it is the false news he came up with the video in which he clarified that he is not the behind the Big Boss Tamil Voice. Gopi Nair is no more attached to the rumour later. Many more names started gaining more eyes balls as several rumours came up in several web portals.

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Surprisingly, it is even believed that some technology is used to change the voice to a bold and lucrative note.

According to the sources, the actual voice behind the Big Boss Tamil show is NAVIN HOLADRE who is the famous voice-over artist. It must be a great relief to a lot of viewers now, that they know the name of the voice-over artist.

Bigg Boss had no more big changes in the near future too as the complete remains procedure same for all the previous seasons and probably upcoming seasons too. The official list of contestants will be announced on an official day and is same with all details.

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