Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1:Summary

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1:is the season 1 of Tamil Bigg Boss franchise. It’s well known, This reality show is adopted from Big Brother to Hindi long back and making its debut to the south now. It is more similar to the Hindi version but in the Tamil language.

In Short, It is a reality TV show where the audience chooses a winner based on public voting. However, a lot of process in involved during Bigg Boss Tamil vote and in the end it’s all about gaining more number of votes from the public. Here is the quick recap of Bigg Boss Tamil season 1.

Bigg boss tamil season 1

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1

98 days with 15 celebrities in a house surrounded by 50 cameras and everything was aired on the Vijay Television channel. The show was hosted by Universal Hero Kamal Haasan. As Usual, The show is more similar to Bigg Boss Format where one gets eliminated with public voting. Public cast a large number of votes every week in order to save their favourite housemates. Below is some brief info Regarding the Season 1.

Hosted byKamal Haasan
Aired onVijay Television, Vijay Super
First EpisodeJune 25, 2017
First Promo released on20th May 2017
Bigg House LocationEVP Theme Park, Chennai
Number of contestants15
Number of wildcard entries4
Number of Guests:13
Number of days98
Grand finale dateSeptember 30, 2017
Show Time:9:00 PM to 10:30 PM on weekdays, 8:30 to 10:00 PM on weekends

Season 1 only limited to celebrities to create hype around the show. But usually, common people are allowed as well, which might happen in the near future. However, common people need to go through auditions and registrations to enter Bigg House.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Contestants

  1. Oviya Helen
  2. Snehan
  3. Aarav
  4. Ganesh Venkatraman
  5. Vaiyapuri
  6. Bharani
  7. Raiza Wilson
  8. Shakthi
  9. Gayathri Raghuram
  10. Harathi Ganesh
  11. Maria Julie
  12. Namitha
  13. Ganja Karuppu
  14. Anuya
  15. Sri

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Wildcard Entries

  1. Harish Kalyan
  2. Bindu Madhavi
  3. Suja Varunee
  4. Kaajal Pasupathi

BB Tamil Season 1 Guests

Guests had been invited to the Bigg boss house for re-bonding the housemates and their friends, family members, and some other celebrities had been visited for movie promotion and other tasks.

  1. Kamal Haasan
  2. Anjali
  3. Sridhar
  4. Ganesh Wife Nisha Krishnan
  5. Vishnu
  6. Catherine Tresa
  7. Vaiyapuri’s Family
  8. Snehan’s Father
  9. Aarav’s Friend
  10. Bindhu’s Friend
  11. Harish’s Family

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 written updates

This show is based on the original Dutch Big Brother series. Here is the week to week elimination Updates Regarding the Season 1 of Tamil. You can check the following info more clearly on Bigg Boss Tamil wiki too.

Week 1:

Kamal Haasan was invited and introduced all of the contestants to the people one by one and sending off to Bigg Boss Tamil House. Snehan was the captain of the house and Anuya was evicted according to the votes, unfortunately, Sri left the house due to his illness.

Week 2:

Gayathri was the captain this time and all contestants were ready to identifying their childhood photos as the Luxury budget task of the week. Elimination was Quote Surprising For this week, Ganja was evicted on day 14 but Bharani was the one who was trying to escape from the house, so he was evicted himself.

Week 3:

Ganesh was nominated and was the captain of this week. Oviya, Harathi, Juliana, and Vaiyapuri were the nomination of this week eviction, and Harathi was evicted in the week 3 due to less number of votes.

Week 4:

Sakthi was the captain of the week and the most interesting task was happened named as Thirda Thiruda, Which means one of the contestants has to steal the diamond on the other side others trying to escort the diamond. Sakthi had done a great job to stole the diamond successfully without any attention. At the end of the week, Namitha was evicted.

Week 5:

Yet again Snehan was the captain of this week and the interesting task was held at Bigg house named as Ottam Mudinthal Attam Mudiyum which means 3 of the contestants need to pedal the cycles each. And there’s no eviction for this week.

Week 6:

New entry, Bindu Madhavi entered the house on the 35th day. Eviction nomination for this week that no surprise yet again Oviya in the list but once again people saved her and wanted her to see in the house. Unfortunately, Oviya had left the house due to mental stress. And Juliana was evicted on day 42.

Week 7:

Raiza Wilson was the captain and Sakthi was evicted of this week.

Week 8:

New entries Harish Kalyan, Suja varunee and Kaajal pasupathy entered the house on 52nd 53rd and 54th respectively. Bindhu was the captain of the house at that time.

Week 9:

This was the nomination week for 10 evictions between housemates themselves and Raiza was the one who got evicted on day 63.

Week 10:

No house captain for this week and Kaajal pasupathy was evicted.

Week 11:

Vaiyapuri was the captain for the 11th week and nominated by the other housemates. And there’s one task like Housemates must freeze in their positions when Bigg Boss says Freeze and should not move again until Bigg Boss says Release. If Freeze is broken, the housemates will be punished. Lot’s of fun happened. Suja was evicted on day 77 and Bigg Boss has moved her to the secret room and stayed there for one day before re-entry to the house which surprises the other contestants.

Week 12:

Aarava was the captain of the Bigg boss house and Ticket to finale round 1 was held by Kamal Haasan and the winner which will go directly to the finale and can eliminate from eviction nomination for the rest of the days. Sneha was the winner and he goes to the finale directly.

Week 13:

Snehan was the captain as usual and Ticket to finale round 2 was performed and Suja got evicted.

Week 14:

The Grand Final week of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1. The people were casting their votes to their favorite contestant. On the 98th day, nail biting for all 5 finalists were waiting to see the winner of the Bigg boss Tamil.

On the big stage, Kamal Haasan had announced the name of the winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1, Aarav and runner-up Snehan then the end of the show.

Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Winner

BBT season 1 went on for 14 weeks, 19 contestants and five of the contestants were finalized. Aarav and Snehan were on the stage. And finally, Aarav, the winner of the Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 was announced with the huge number of public votes.

  • Bigg Boss Tamil Season 1 Winner – Aarav
  • Runner up – Snehan
  • 3rd Place – Harish Kalyan
  • 4th place – Ganesh Venkatraman

There are more chances of continuing with season 2, 3, season 4 and so on.

Replay and Watch the #BBT1 Episodes Memories

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