Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions/Registrations: Apply Here

Post the super success of season 1, Bigg Boss makers are in no mood to stop the reality show. As we all know, Bigg boss Tamil also follows the same format as other languages i.e where common people are allowed into the house after proper registrations and auditions process. This article is all about Bigg Boss Tamil auditions and registrations.

Most of the times celebrities are selected to the show to attract the audience. However, there are people who dream of entering the Bigg house for every season. Do remember, Being a social influencer or having a good number of followers will helps a lot. Previous Season 2 and season 3 contestants don’t include common people. There might be a chance in season 4.

Before talking about the actual registration process, the contestant needs to be eligible first to apply. Here is the list of rules that needs to be looked before applying. Make sure that you are eligible before applying.

Bigg boss tamil registrations

Bigg Boss Tamil Auditions

All the following procedure works only if common people are allowed into the house. However, one must be eligible to fill the registration form. Here are the set of rules one must check before filling out the registration form below.

  • He/she must be an Indian citizen.
  • Minimum age should be 18 in order to enter Bigg House.
  • The contestant must be in a good mental condition without any criminal background. All these details can be checked manually during auditions.
  • He/she must have the original ID and related address proofs.
  • Being good on social media will be an advantage. To be more clear, common people without any influence won’t get selected.

Collect and be ready with the following documents and certificates to enter data into registration form.

  • Original ID proof to enter the name as it as.
  • A valid email address and phone number to get details post-registration. Use personal and original ones.
  • Birthdate
  • Links to all of your social profiles and works (Videos if any).
  • Gender
  • Height
  • Weight
  • A solid reason to enter the house(might be asked)
  • A good quality video with your introduction should be uploaded. Be ready with it.

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How to register for Bigg boss tamil auditions?

Bigg Boss Tamil registrations will be opened a couple of months before the show. The registrations will be filtered out and sent for auditions and then the eligible candidates will be selected.

Till now, Bigg Boss Tamil didn’t allow common people into the house. The following procedure is completely based on other languages. However, this might be the procedure for Bigg Boss registrations in all languages.

Hotstar is the streaming partner for Bigg Boss Tamil.So Registrations will be opened on their platform. Do follow the social profiles to know about the registration at the earliest.
  • Download Hotstar application on browse to
  • Search for Bigg Boss Tamil using the search button there.
  • Scroll down to the registration form and fill it out
  • Enter complete details and cross-check it. Do remember to use a valid email address and phone number to get further details.
  • Submit the application in time and relax.

Some Key points:

  • Self-introduction video plays a very important role in pushing the contestant to auditions.
  • Do remember, Size of the video should be around 50MB and must be of 3 minutes. So shoot your best in those 3 minutes.
  • Try to showcase all your necessary in those 3 minutes. It highly depends on that. Further details will be emailed if you are shortlisted.
  • Hope I had cleared each and everything regarding Bigg boss Tamil registrations. Do comment down your queries in the comment section.

However, Procedure for Bigg Boss Tamil vote will be same for the upcoming season as well.

How to participate in Bigg Boss Tamil?

When registrations are opened at the official website, one needs to fill the form and the filtered list will go through auditions. People with good social following might be considered in the first place. Try to showcase all your skills in the introduction video.

Are common man allowed to Bigg Boss Tamil?

Bigg Boss Tamil is adopted from other Indian language shows. All those had allowed the common man to participate in it. However, only 4-5 common men are allowed along with 5-6 celebs into the house.

How to get audience pass for Bigg Boss Tamil?

No one can’t get them by booking or registering some where. Makers are completely responsible for getting audience pass. May be VIjay TV plays a major role in getting pass for their media persons. Try contacting them to be in audience.

When will auditions get started?

The process of searching contestants starts at least 2 months before the show. So registrations will be allowed then if they are willing to send common man for that season.

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