Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 contestants Confirmed

This article is all about the confirmed Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 contestants. The very first season was started from 15 April 2018 on colors Marathi. Similar to other languages, Bigg Boss is a TV reality show where selected candidates are sent to a house and were asked to live for some 70 days without having talks with their familiar people. Simple they need to live with unknown persons in a house for 70 days.

As Usual, The Winner will be selected through a familiar Bigg Boss Voting Process. The winner will be given a cash prize of 50Lakhs on Grand Finale. The Nomination and elimination process of the show is the same as Hindi, Tamil and Telugu The names of the contestants will not be revealed till the welcome episode.No housemate is known to others until they enter the Bigg is rumoured that there is a big list hidden under with suspense.

Bigg Boss Marathi season 1 contestants

List of Bigg Boss Marathi Season 1 Contestants

Celebs Like Lalit Prabhakar, Prajaktha Mali, Gauri Sawant are contacted by the Bigg Boss Team and They Denied the Offer Softly.

Here are the finalised list of housemates for the first season.

NameEliminated on
Smita3rd place
Sai4th place
Aastad5th place
Sharmishtha6th place
ReshamDay 90
NandkishorDay 84
UshaDay 77
BhushanDay 63
TyagrajDay 56
SushantDay 52
JuiDay 49
RutujaDay 36
RajeshDay 35
AnilDay 28
VineetDay 14
AartiDay 7

How Are Housemates Selected for Bigg Boss?

There is no secret in selecting contestants for the game show. In Simple, As per game Format Contestants, names will not be revealed until the welcome episode. They are directly sent to house during the welcome episode and is just to maintain some surprise for the audience.

Generally, Celebs will be contacted by the makers of the show and they are given some remuneration as well.

The common man was also allowed to the house in future seasons i.e Common People like you and me are allowed in Bigg Boss Season 10 (Hindi)

Wildcard Entries for Season 1

3 contestants were not sent to the house on a welcome day. Makers hide the details of those contestants and all of sudden they will be sent to house (In some week 5 or week 6)just to maintain the same buzz for all over the show. These entries are named as Wildcard Entries.

Even though they enter the house after a few weeks, they are no special privileges and are treated as general contestants from that week.

Wild card entires for the first season are,

  • Sharmishtha Raut 
  • Nandkishor Chaughule
  • Tyagraj

Guests for Season 1

Some of the celebrities are asked to enter the house as a guest for few hours and they can utilize this time for their Movie or brand promotions.

Guests don’t stay in the house. They are requested just to entertain the audience from Bigg House. Moreover, Guests are allowed to conduct games for all the contestants as ordered by Bigg Boss.

Here is the list of guests who entered the house in season 1,

Harshada KhanvilkarDay 28-32
Hrishikesh JoshiDay 28-29
Deepti LeleDay 28-29
Priyadarshan JadhavDay 15
Prasenjit KosambiDay 15
Swwapnil JoshiDay 21
Sachin PilgaonkarDay 21
Sai TamhankarGrand Finale

Hope you had now a clear idea on the housemates related to season 1. Browse to vote page know more about the voting and elimination details.

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