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Sihi Kahi Chandru Bio: Let’s start with a glimpse of his career, Sihi Kahi Chandru Is a 56 Aged Indian Film and Television Actor in the Kannada Language and who was born in 1961. He is an actor and director and had produced some movies as well under his banner. He was famed with a tag of a comedian from 1990 and then he had acted in the supporting roles as well. Akasmath and Mayadanta Male are his upcoming projects in Next Couple of years.

Sihi Kahi Chandru

Sihi Kahi Chandru Biography, age

Sihi Kahi which means Sweet and Bitter was his screen name after his popular TV serial Sihi Kahi which was aired in Doordarshan In the late 198o’s(During 1986-1987). His real name is Chandrashekhar. He was married to Geetha in 1990 who is starred in the Sihi Kahi Serial and she was popularly known with her screen name Sihi Kahi Geetha. Interestingly they both played Husband-wife soles in that serial and this made them get some more exposure in the public.

Another side of Chandru Is being a TV Host.He hosted Some TV shows and get more close to the people and This includes the most popular, “Bombat Bhojana”.He directed TV serials as well and some of them are Silli Lalli and Pappa Pandu.He even participated in the most popular Telugu Dancing Show “Thaka Dhimi Tha” which was aired in ETV Telugu in 2014.

  • Age: 56 Years(As per 2017)
  • Sihi Kahi Chandru Wife: Geetha
  • Religion:–
  • Lives in: Bangalore
  • His Popular Cooking Series: Bombat Bhojana
  • His popular comedy play: Neenaanaadre naaneenena?
  • Best Movie as comedian: Ganeshana Maduve(There are many)
  • Best Comedy Scenes which we never forget: comedy scenes with Bank Janardhan and Umashree
  • His works/writings: ‘Gowri Ganesha’,’Putakkana Highway’ and ‘Tenali Rama’.

Other Bio:

Sihi Kahi Chandru Family

  • Wife: Geetha
  • Married on:9th November 1990
  • Children: 2 Daughters
  • Names of the daughters: Hitha And Kushi.

Sihi Kahi Chandru Movies

Here are some of the films of Chandru and you can view the complete list of movies from His Wikipedia Page.

  •  O Manase
  •  Prince
  • 9 To 12
  • Aidondla Aidu
  • Mayadanta Male
  • Puttakkana Highway
  • Akasmath
  • Ullasa Utsaha
  • Naanu Nanna Kanasu
  • Shri Harikathe
  • Maleyali Jotheyali
  • Josh
  • Mast Maja Maadi
  • Hani Hani
  • Kodagana Koli Nungitha

Sihi Kahi Chandru Instagram and social accounts

Social accounts are an easy way to follow up with favourite people. Here are the social accounts of Chandru where he used to update each and everything about his new movies, serials and all.

  • Instagram Account:
  • Twitter Account:

Chandru in Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5

Well, It’s no more a secret that Bigg Boss Kannada Season 5 Contestants will be a mix of common people and celebs and this made many stick to the show.

Chandru is the 4th contestant who stepped into the Bigg House for season 5 and he is elder than rest of the housemates. It really a challenging thing to survive with common people and to compete with youngsters for almost 100 days. But whatever, He had a good fan base among the people and we are sure that he will rock the house with his comedy timing and actions.

Journey of Chandru

week 1: He entered the house as the 4th contestant.

His journey in the Bigg House will be updated weekly and stay tuned to get updates from Our page.If you a fan of Chandru, Make Him a strong contestant By voting During the Eliminations.

However, siki kahi Chandru was eliminated from the house on day 49 with less number of public votes. However, he entertained the audience for more than 7 weeks as per expectations.

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