6 Different Types of Bigg Boss Viewers

Types of Bigg Boss Viewers: Bigg Boss is quite popular in India which is adopted from Big brother. However, it was being made in all popular Indian languages. Currently, Bigg Boss show is being aired in 6 different languages namely Bigg Boss Telugu, Bigg Boss Tamil, Bigg Boss Hindi, Bigg Boss Marathi, Bigg Boss Malayalam and Bigg Boss Kannada.

There is a lot of debate regarding the show online terming it as a scripted show and some claims it as a reality show. Nothing is official as of now. As far as we know, Contestants will be kept in house and will be asked to live for some 100 days or so and they will be monitored regularly. The episodes which we watch are the edited one from the house. However, some languages started telecasting unseen episodes during occasions.

Bigg Boss viewers

Keep those things aside, The theme of the show is quite interesting where 15 celebs were asked to live in a house with some rules and regulations. As you know, the voting procedure is almost the same for all and eliminations are completely based on public voting.

6 Different Types of Bigg Boss Viewers

Not a fan post, Just to share my curiosity to write all the possible answers from Bigg Boss fans on why they are watching the show? Here are some of the popular opinions and you can add yours in the comment section.

Fans of Host

Fans didn’t care about anything in the show. Moreover, they schedule to watch Bigg Boss on weekends as the show is presented by the host. They even Don’t bother about eliminations, Tasks and all. All they need is enjoying the show while his/her favourite star is hosting the show on the small screen. Host fan base matters here.

The Offended

These Typical People wait for the Rubbish and sexist comments on the fellow Housemates. They watch the show to enjoy the terrible behaviour of the contestants with fellows. Hope they didn’t get disappointed with this kind of reality shows and the truth is one cannot adjust their life for 100 days between unknown people and so these things happen and there are some people who love these on the small screen.

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It’s a Scripted Drama

There are always such people who look for logic all the time. When it comes to the show, They abuse the makers like they were fooling people with scripted dramas. Questions will be Like, How can these things happen without planning and all.

Despite these things, they watch the complete show just to find the errors and Logics and Finally close it out saying as a scripted show.

Entertainment Lovers

One can be well entertained by reality shows. The dose of entertainment is somewhat high when compared. These people regularly watch the show for some entertainment. On other hands, They don’t take the seriousness of the show. All they need is some twists, Laughs and some controversies.

These often vote contestants on the basis of their performance.

we want controversies

Some are more interested in controversies which are quite common in this reality show. They just wait and watch for the controversies. They don’t bother about the Housemates, Nominations, and eliminations. If there is a rivalry between the contestants they never miss the show.

Curious About Celebs Lives

There is a great difference between the lives of a common man and a celebrity. The fact is Living style is not at all same. But here in Bigg Boss, one needs to live by opting the situations and rules of Bigg Boss which are closer to common life. Some are more curious about “How these Housemates lived in the House for such long days?” They just watch the show for the Lifestyle adopted by the Celebs. They won’t be much interested if housemates are commoners.

So ? Why are you watching the show ? Let us know in the comment section with a healthy discussion.

Bigg Boss Show FAQ

Is Bigg Boss a scripted show?

May or may not be. But the episodes which are telecasted on TV during the show time are edited as per need. More over the public votes really matters during elimination as all the voting system is managed by some third party companies.

Who is the owner of Big Boss show?

Endemol shine India Group is the current owner of Bigg Boss Reality show in all languages. Actually, it was adopted from popular international show “Big brother”

Is phone allowed in Bigg Boss?

No.Phone is not allowed. Smoking room is available where it’s entry at a time is limited.

What is Big Boss secret room?

It is just a room where housemates are sent into it after elimination. It is not for every contestant. Only one or two contestants will be sent to secret room after elimination and they will be again brought to the house as a twist.

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