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Bigg Boss Marathi season 3 is geared up for its next outing after two successful seasons. With the upcoming seasons, the chances of bringing the common man to the house are high. This is the same with Bigg Boss Tamil auditions, Telugu auditions and Hindi as well. Makers have decided to rope in the common audience along with celebrities who have to stay for more than 100 days in Bigg House. Mahesh, who hosted season 1 and 2 might be continued for the current season as well.

The prize money for the winner might be the same as the previous seasons i.e 50 lakhs. Before stepping into the actual process, one must be eligible for the criteria.

bigg boss marathi auditions

Eligibility criteria for Bigg Boss Marathi auditions

One must be eligible with following criteria in order to apply for the online registrations and auditions.

  1. He/she must be 18 years above.
  2. Participant must be an Indian
  3. He/She must speak the regional language, In this case, it’s Marathi.
  4. He/she must be healthy without any deadly diseases.
  5. Participant must have valid government proofs.
  6. Candidates with criminal background are not allowed to the show.

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How to apply for Bigg Boss Marathi registrations online

Here is the complete audition and registration process for common people who are willing to enter Bigg House for season 3.

  • You can simply download the Voot application from play store or browse to
  • Search for Bigg Boss Marathi and browse to the application form
  • Fill up the required details such as name, Facebook handle and all other details.
  • One should upload the video as well, which must be of 3 minutes with 50MB in size.
  • Check on terms and conditions and double-check the details before submitting.
  • If there is something real about your profile, you will be called for an audition with the provided email and phone number in the form. So it is advised to use working and valid mobile number and email here.

How contestants are selected?

There is no official confirmation on this thing. All the below information is an assumption.

After online registration, all will be manually checked and approved and eligible candidates will be asked to attend the audition. Once they are done and finalised remuneration will play a key role.

For celebrity contestants, Makers approach them with a deal and it is all about their interest.

However, all the contestants needs to live in one house and will be announced only on the welcome episodes.

Important things:

  1. Social media followers will be boon during auditions
  2. Generally, controversial social media influencers will be considered in the auditions
  3. However, if you perform well there are chances too.
  4. All the further details will be shared to email you provided only.

Comment down your queries regarding auditions and registrations online.

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  1. I want to participate in big boss season5
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