The Boys Get Their School Supplies

backtoschoolFirst day of school coming up, right? So you all need like school clothes and shit?–Monk

From my first viewing of The Wire Season 4, I have always been struck by just how quickly Simon and Co. make us care about the four boys. It is no easy task to drop four completely unknown characters into an already densely-populated world and expect the audience to connect to them.

And yet, by the time the boys step into Edward Tilghman Middle School to begin their Eighth Grade year, I already feel I know these boys, and I already feel invested in the paths that they will take over the next two seasons.

4.1 “Boys of Summer”: All the Pieces

4_1pieces“Not a goddamn thing in here works like it should.”

I am currently teaching Season 4 of The Wire to my four 12th Grade English classes. This means that I am watching each episode four times over the course of two days. It is a testament to the greatness of The Wire, that I continue to gather a great amount of information and enjoyment out of each new viewing.

As part of the process, I am cataloguing the major concept patterns in each episode. It is sort of like Prez’s corkboard, where I can lay out all of the pieces and see how they fit together.

Coming to The Wire Blog: Season 4 and all the dinks

dinksI’ve been schooled, dog. I’m trying to tell you, for real. –Snoop

I think it is about time I get back up on The Wire.

Since December, this site has been as quiet as the wire after the Season 1 stash-house raid. In fact, I haven’t written a word since September. All of this site’s content came from two months of focused writing from last summer. I had the time required to write over 100 pieces on Season 1 (including many that I have yet to post).

Then a new school year began.